Software Downloads

There are no unlock codes or serial numbers to worry about with FlashPipe software.  We simply offer two separate versions: a 7 day trial and a registered version that only our list of registered users can access.  So give the trial a try and when (not if) you realize you can't live without it, just click the "Purchase" link on the FlashPipe homepage and order a copy.  :-)  You'll be sent a private link and password to download the registered version.  Just install the registered version and it will automatically overwrite the trial and you're up and running.  It's that simple: no uninstalling needed and no serial numbers or unlocking required!

7 Day Trial

We offer a 7 day trial of FlashPipe.  Just click the link below and choose "Save As", "Run", or "Open".
The FlashPipe trial has the following limitations:

  • Trial period of 7 days

  • "Move" operations are disabled: they are treated the same as "Copy" in the trial

  • Only ten (10) files of each file type (photos, video, or other files) can be transferred with the trial

Link to the 7 day trial: fptrial10-120.exe (1.8 MB)

Registered Users

If you purchased FlashPipe, you can click the link below and enter your email address to get an
immediate reply with a link and password to download the latest registered version:

fp10-120.exe (1.8 MB)


FlashPipe Revision History

Version Released Priority Description
v2010.120 04/15/10 Low v2010.120 adds support for the new Nikon "NRW" raw photo format.
v2010.119 02/24/10 Med v2010.119 fixes an issue where, under certain conditions, automatic generation of subfolders (by date) would still occur even when the checkbox for auto subfolders was NOT checked.
v2010.118 01/26/10 Low v2010.118 fixes a bug that, under some conditions, was causing check marks to reappear in auto-rename check boxes under "Settings" even when unchecked.
v2010.117 01/14/10 Low v2010.117 offers more consistent color for underexposed or overexposed raw photos for various camera models.
v2010.116 01/04/10 Low v2010.116 includes the following:
  • Raw format update includes support for new cameras such as the Canon S90, Pentax K-x, Sony A500/A550, and more.
  • Improved raw developing performance to prevent (blown) highlights from turning pink on some camera models.
v2010.115 01/01/10 Med v2010.115 fixes a bug that was making it impossible to select a new folder under some conditions when using the folder browsing dialog.
v2010.114 12/29/09 Low v2010.114 includes minor Windows 7 x64 optimizations plus some UI improvements related to user data entry and better default selections for new users.
v2010.113 11/11/09 Med v2010.113 includes the following:
  • Network file transfers: Fixed a bug that was causing FlashPipe to stop transferring files if the destination was a network location.
  • Windows 7 fix: Eliminated a "file is in use by another process" error caused by Windows 7 and/or Windows Media Player 12 "stepping on" files momentarily, immediately after they are created.
  • Faster transfers: FlashPipe's already blazing file transfer speed has been improved even further.
v2010.112 11/04/09 Low v2010.112 includes much more flexible folder naming, allowing photos to be downloaded into folders by date shot: folder-per-month, folder-per-day, etc.
v2010.111 10/20/09 Low v2010.111 adds a new file naming parameter that allows insertion of a per-session sequence number (starting with 00001) in the file name.
v2010.110 10/11/09 Low v2010.110 includes the following:
  • Added the ability to create email/web size copies automatically, every time you download!
  • Added an option to create a subfolder based on the date range of the photos/videos on the flash card rather than the current/download date.  Example: 2009-08-18..2009-08-24.
  • Added an option to display both the transfer statistics and the destination locations from the previous download.  See "File", "Show previous transfer stats".
  • Added raw support for 18 of the newest digital cameras including the Canon 7D, Nikon D300s, Sony A850, Olympus E-P1, Pentax K-7, and many more.
  • Corrected a bug that was causing the dots for some radio buttons (like "TIFF" under raw developing) to not show even though the option was selected.
v2010.109 09/21/09 Low v2010.109 includes the following:
  • FlashPipe can now transfer and develop photos and videos from multiple flash cards at the same time: just insert flash cards into empty slots and go!
  • Added the total amount of data (bytes) transferred to the status popup that displays after a transfer.
  • Added four preset "suggested settings" on the auto rename parameter dialog.
  • When manually developing photos using the "Develop" operation in the operations table, FlashPipe no longer responds "Nothing to do" even though there are raw photos in the selected folder.
  • Improved the automatic (subfolder) date generation so that the date is updated even if the computer (and FlashPipe) have not been restarted for days.
v2010.108 09/16/09 Low v2010.108 contains some minor display optimizations plus the ability to differentiate between photos and videos for a broader range of file formats.
v2010.107 09/15/09 Low v2010.107 offers smoother opening/closing of the main window when a flash card is inserted/removed.
v2010.106 09/14/09 Low v2010.106 no longer creates duplicate (0001, etc.) copies of files when the identical file already exists on the destination. 
Also, the "Esc" key now cancels all operations without having to press "Esc" once for each operation in the operations table.
v2010.105 09/11/09 Low v2010.105 offers smoother updates to the progress gauge and fixes some minor interface glitches related to editing/changing options.
v2010.104 09/10/09 Low v2010.104 offers even greater customization of file renaming.  Also, the FlashPipe window now auto-opens when a card is inserted into a  reader/drive where the drive letter is only visible after the card is inserted.
v2010.103 09/09/09 High v2010.103 fixed a problem that was causing a "FlashPipe has stopped working" message on startup with fresh installs.
v2010.102 09/09/09 Med v2010.102 adds further customization to the auto rename parameters and fixes some issues with startup and adjusting settings.
v2010.101 09/08/09 Low v2010.101 adds the ability to rename files based on custom criteria.  This version also fixes an "access denied" error message that appeared on some systems.
v2010.100 09/06/09 N/A v2010.100 is the initial release of FlashPipe!