What sets us apart from the competition

FlashPipe: If you can read a line of text, you'll know how to operate FlashPipe.  It's simple but powerful interface won't leave you wondering what you just did or where your files really went!  There's even a log available on the "File" menu that shows your last transfer and where all the photos/videos went if you forget!  Take the 5 minute video tour to see just how easy FlashPipe is.

Competitive products: All other products on the market have "control panel" type interfaces that are so cumbersome to use that you need a programmer to set them up for you to be sure what you'll really get when you press the "go button".

Competitive products: Other products, while they allow some "oddball" filtering and even allow the user to use "tokens" that don't make sense in combination, the interface used by competing products often look like a C++ programming manual.  FlashPipe gives you the flexibility to do your transfers in ways that make sense and that fit the needs of 99.9% of users while offering important features that make FlashPipe more than just a file moving program.