Profile Prism Upgrade/File Access Membership
Ordering Instructions


When you purchase Profile Prism, you are entitled to free software upgrades and access to the file area (FTP site) to download software upgrades and special color management related files for a full year. After one year, you may extend your membership access to software upgrades and the user file area for another full year for only $15.00. Please use the purchase options below to pay for your yearly membership.

We will change the password to the software upgrade/FTP site periodically and will notify all current members of the new password.  If you find that you can no longer log in to the update/FTP site, your membership may have expired.  If it has been more than a year since you ordered Profile Prism initially or more than a year since your last $15 membership renewal, you can renew your access to upgrades/FTP below.  Since you are paying for access to upgrades, there is no penalty for a "lapse" in membership and you can renew for just $15 at any time.

Note that we cannot be responsible for non-working email addresses or users changing their email address without notifying us, so when you place your order below, please make sure that you use your current email address. We'll verify your email address used for the order and change it in our database if necessary.

Current Price for Profile Prism Upgrade/File Access Membership: $15.00.

Payment may be made via one of the following methods:

If you are paying with Use this link
Check/Money Order See instructions below

Paying by Check or Money Order

To order Profile Prism via check, please follow the simple instructions below.

(1) Send your check or money order for $15 payable to Digital Domain Inc. to the address below. All checks must be for $15 U.S. and MUST be drawn from a U.S. bank! Foreign checks will not be accepted.

ddisoftware,  Inc.
P.O. Box 110077
Bradenton, FL 34211

(2) Please make sure to include your name (for registration purposes) and your email address in the envelope when you send your check/money order.
(3) That's it! We'll update your registration information and send you membership username/password information.

Note: the check or money order must be for $15 U.S. dollars and must be drawn from a U.S. bank.

Have questions? Just send an email to Mike Chaney.