Profile Prism
Printer Profiling Example - Epson Stylus Photo 750


The following are scans of prints from an Epson Stylus Photo 750 on Epson Photo Paper. The scans were profiled to sRGB color space using a calibrated scanner so that the results on this page will look accurate on most PC monitors. All photos were printed by Qimage Pro with the same software and print driver settings. The only difference between the prints on the left/right below is that the photos on the left were printed with no ICC profile ("Printer ICC" OFF) whereas the photos on the right were printed with a printer ICC profile generated by Profile Prism ("Printer ICC" set to the generated profile). Epson driver settings were set for 1440 DPI, no color adjustment, photo paper media selected, and "high speed" option off.

All images are Nikon D1 originals and were decoded/printed with Qimage Pro to ensure an accurate input/image color space.

Total time to generate the printer profile using Profile Prism (including time to print the reference target): about 10 minutes.


Printed with no ICC profile Printed with Profile Prism profile