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Click this link for a demo you can try before you buy

Qimage Ultimate is a new product that offers much more than the photo printing features offered in the old Qimage product line (retired in 2010).  Lifetime support was offered for Qimage customers for 13+ years (a long lifetime for any product) but our customers wanted more than just a photo printing program.  Qimage Ultimate goes well beyond the scope of the retired Qimage software and is completely redesigned from the ground up with new goals such as image databasing, expanded raw processing, printer maintenance, hot folder monitoring, and many other features that go well beyond the goals of the retired Qimage line.  Please see below for details and purchase links: we offer the ability to purchase for yourself or someone else as a gift.

If you are purchasing Qimage Ultimate for yourself:

  • Qimage Ultimate is for PC/Windows (will not run on a Mac without Parallels/Fusion).
  • A demo is available if you wish to try before you buy (we cannot refund digital downloads).
  • You will receive an email within a few minutes of your purchase with download instructions.
If you are purchasing Qimage Ultimate as a (downloadable) gift:
  • Gift recipient must have a Windows PC: will not run on a Mac (without using Parallels or Fusion).
  • Choose the "Purchase as a gift" purchase option below.
  • On the order form, enter your email in the "YOUR email" field: the gift info is sent to you.
  • Enter the gift recipient's email in "Gift Recipient Email".
  • No emails are sent to gift recipient so they won't know about the gift until you give it to them.
  • The software will be registered to the gift recipient's email: they download when you give the gift.
  • If you don't know the recipient's email, just use your own: we can change it after you give the gift.
  • To download the gift, the recipient need only follow the instructions in the email that you receive after you order: you can either print that email to give as your gift or forward it to them at a time of your choosing.  Their email will already be registered and they can download immediately after receiving their gift from you!

PURCHASING LINKS BELOW: note that all ordering methods are secure!

Click here to visit the
Qimage Ultimate website

retail box (hard copy) not included
all online orders are download-only

Qimage Ultimate Exclusives

  • Windows 10 compatibility

  • 20% - 100% performance increase

  • 8 core multithreading

  • Full color management

  • Better interpolation

  • More accurate color

  • Print unclog feature

  • Periodic unclogging while away!

  • Hot folders: print from any device

  • Image databasing w/search

  • Halo-free deep focus sharpening

  • Raw smart exposure, fill, color

  • Canvas shrinkage compensation

  • Prep photos for offsite printing

  • and MUCH more!

 Qimage Ultimate: purchase for myself
Includes access to all updates for 1 year.

with credit card ($69.99 $59.99)

with PayPal ($69.99 $59.99)

Qimage Ultimate: purchase as a GIFT
Includes access to all updates for 1 year.

with credit card ($69.99 $59.99)

PayPal: sorry but we are not able to offer a PayPal purchasing option for gift purchases.


Qimage Ultimate Delivery Options:

Installation You Get Price Upgrades
Download Email to YOUR email address w/download instructions (or gift instructions if you bought a gift) $69.99
Free for one year, only $19.99/yr after (fee is not additive: skip as many upgrades/years as you like and it's still only $19.99 to get a full year of access to upgrades for registered users). Note: please back up your downloaded versions because when your 1 year registration expires, you will not be able to access the download area until you renew: we do not offer extended download service and cannot verify registration dates and look up archived versions in order to replace lost software for users with expired registrations.

Note: if you do not get the gift instructions within a few minutes of placing your order, check your spam/junk folder.
If you still cannot find your registration e-mail in your spam/junk folder, send us an order inquiry e-mail to verify your e-mail and we'll send a copy manually.

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