Before Ordering Profile Prism Software via Download

If you are planning to use an IT8 target other than the targets included with Profile Prism, please be aware that you must have a standard ASCII IT8 data file in order to use your IT8 target with Profile Prism. Most data files included with other profiling software such as Monaco EZ Color, WiziWYG, etc. have their own non-standard data file format so they cannot be used with other software. If you plan to use an IT8/Q60 target supplied with a another profiling tool, chances are it will not work with Profile Prism. Profile Prism should work with any IT8 target that was purchased by itself (not as part of a profiling software package) such as a Kodak Q60 or Wolf Faust IT8, because vendors that sell individual IT8 targets usually supply standard IT8 data files either with the target purchase, or via download. When in doubt, ask the vendor that sold you your IT8 if there is a standard ASCII IT8 data file available and where to download the file. Here are some links for third party IT8 data files that we know work well with Profile Prism:

Click here to download an IT8 data file for Kodak Q60 targets

Click here to download an IT8 data file for a Wolf Faust IT8

Please bookmark this page in case you need to reference it after ordering your Profile Prism software.