Getting Started

Main Screen

Note that the SmartFile interface is split into two major panels identified as Session A and Session B.  The simple concept behind two panel file management is that two different folders may be selected and displayed in a side-by-side format.  This eliminates unnecessary clutter associated with opening muliple overlapping windows, and gives the user control over the display.  The main screen may be customized and sized as desired by dragging the vertical/horizontal splitters.

Single Panel Operations
Operations can be performed on a single panel (such as file deletion, renaming, etc) or from one panel to the other in two panel operations (copy, move, etc).  All single panel operations are performed by clicking the right mouse button over the file list (Session A Files or Session B Files above) or over the folder list (Session A Folders or Session B Folders above).  See commands for a listing of single panel commands.

Dual Panel Operations
Operations involving both panels either start in Session A and end in Session B, or vice versa.  Files may be selected and dragged from Session A to Session B or from Session B to Session A.  Similarly, you may select a folder and drag the folder from one session to the other.  Once dropped, a popup menu will activate and a dual panel command may be selected (copy, move, copy and rename).  See commands for a listing of dual panel commands.

Same Level Drag/Drop
It is important to understand that all dual panel commands (performed by dragging/dropping) must be performed at the same level.  For example, always drag files and drop them on files and drag folders to folders.  To drag a number of files to a different folder, this means that you must click on the target folder and display it's files first.  Then simply drag the selected items to the file list on the other side.  You cannot drag selected files directly to a folder in the other panel, because files must be dropped on files.