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Important: Save/export your data logs to either CSV or tab delimited file format!  To use TT Dyno software, your data logs must be in either CSV or tab delimited text format.  If your handheld tuner or data logger doesn't already store data in one of these two formats by default, the software that comes with the tool should be able to open your data logs and save them (export them) as CSV files.

There are no unlock codes or serial numbers to worry about with TT Dyno software.  We simply offer two separate versions: a 7 day trial and a registered version that only our list of registered users can access.  So give the trial a try and when (not if) you realize you can't live without it, just click the "Purchase" link on the TT Dyno homepage and order a copy.  :-)  You'll be sent a private link and password to download the registered version.  Just install the registered version and it will automatically overwrite the trial and you're up and running.  It's that simple: no uninstalling needed and no serial numbers or unlocking required!

7 Day Trial

We offer a 7 day trial of TT Dyno.  Just click the link below and choose "Save As", "Run", or "Open".
The TT Dyno trial has the following limitations:

  • Trial period of 7 days

  • Numeric data is "invisible": only the shape of the torque and HP curves are visible

  • Purpose of the trial is to discern whether or not TT Dyno will work with your data logs

Link to the 7 day trial: ttdynotrial15-102.exe (2.0 MB)

Registered Users

If you purchased TT Dyno, you can click the link below and enter your email address to get an
immediate reply with a link and password to download the latest registered version:

ttdyno15-102.exe (2.0 MB)


TT Dyno Revision History

Version Released Priority Description
v2015.102 10/14/14 Low v2015.102 adds support for more data loggers by recognizing more column header variations.
v2015.101 09/30/14 Med v2015.101 fixes the ability to read logs with speed in KPH ("KPH" must appear in vehicle speed column label)
v2015.100 09/29/14 High v2015.100 comes with some great improvements to make your tuning easier and more accurate:
  • Drive ratio compensation: get comparable graphs in different gears (adjusts all runs to be comparable to a typical 4th gear (1:1) dyno pull)!
  • "Mouse over" data reader: just roll your mouse over the graph for numeric data
  • Now with more accurate graph smoothing
v2012.100 03/19/11 Low v2012.100 further improves CSV file format compatibility.
v2011.101 03/07/11 Low v2011.101 improves CSV file format compatibility based on user feedback.
v2011.100 03/03/11 Low v2011.100 now supports CSV output from a wider variety of data loggers.  If your data logger produced a CSV file that TT Dyno doesn't read properly, email us the CSV file and we'll do our best to make it compatible in the next version!
v2010.110 04/27/10 Low v2010.110 includes the following:
  • Added support for CSV data logs from the Innovate Motorsports OT-2 data logger.
  • Added an average torque calculation to the tabular data that shows the average amount of torque produced during the final 2000 RPM.  This provides a better metric for comparisons than maximum (peak) numbers.
  • Added a comparative analysis at the bottom of the tabular data when comparing two runs so that max torque, max HP, and average torque can be compared easily.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
v2010.109 04/22/10 Low v2010.109 includes menu options under the "Edit" menu that allow setting the main window screen size to one of several common screen sizes.  This version also fixes a "division by zero" error that, on rare occasions, could occur when processing some data logs.
v2010.108 04/16/10 Low v2010.108 includes the following:
  • Graph now automatically resizes to fit the main window when the window is expanded or maximized.
  • Increased accuracy of torque multiplier.
  • Better error message when key parameters are not found in log file.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing inaccurate scaling on speed graphs if the speed of the run exceeded 100 MPH.
v2010.107 04/13/10 Med v2010.107 includes the following:
  • Ability to graph an auxiliary parameter such as air/fuel ratio or any parameter listed in the log file!  Aux graph is displayed directly below the dyno graph.
  • Improved compatibility with data logs that occasionally show a drop in RPM during a WOT run.
  • Graph now starts at the very beginning of the run rather than 2000+ RPM.
  • Graph now auto-expands so that only the tested RPM range is graphed.
  • Fixed a bug from v2010.106 that was causing the screen snap feature to create "garbled" screen snaps.
v2010.106 04/09/10 Low v2010.106 includes the ability to save screen shots of the TT Dyno window to JPEG images via the "File" menu.
v2010.105 04/08/10 Med v2010.105 includes the following:
  • Ability to increase dyno accuracy and improve comparisons across different vehicles and data loggers by simply logging the "engine runtime" parameter.
  • Slight increase in graph response time: curves will respond quicker to changes in power output.
  • Ability to print graphs and tabular data from within TT Dyno.
  • Tabular data and graphs now display the torque multiplier for the run: the higher the number, the lower the gear used for the dyno run.
  • Fixed the "drivetrain loss" parameter as it was not working in previous versions.
  • User manual (help) has been completely rewritten.
v2010.104 04/05/10 Med This version includes refinements that improve data log compatibility and dyno graph granularity and smoothing.
v2010.103 04/02/10 Med Included in this version:
  • Fixed a problem that was causing some log files to appear as if they had no data.
  • Improved accuracy of time-to-speed analysis.
  • Added clear messages to indicate that files must be in CSV or tab delimited format when the user attempts to open a raw data log.
v2010.102 03/31/10 Low Added ability to compare dyno graphs, ability to display knock retard on dyno graphs, and ability to create time-to-speed graphs.
v2010.101 03/26/10 Med Fixed a bug that was causing inaccurate results when using DashHawk data logs.  Also improved graphing to show torque and HP every 100 RPM.
v2010.100 03/23/10 --- This is the initial release of TT Dyno!