Printer Driver Settings

Below are some typical print driver settings that work well with Profile Prism for the purpose of developing and using printer ICC profiles. To set driver settings prior to printing, click "File", "Printer Setup" in your photo printing application. Then select your printer and click "Properties" for that printer. Set the driver settings as follows:

IMPORTANT: Remember that you are setting your print driver so that it performs the same way all the time, so the settings below should be used for printing the original printer target and the exact same settings should also be used when utilizing your profile afterward! It is also advisable to perform a nozzle check prior to any profiling to ensure that all printhead nozzles are functioning properly (no clogs exist).

NOTE: While the settings below apply to a large sample of printer models for each manufacturer at the date of this publication, some drivers may have slight variations. When variations exist, follow the settings below as closely as possible.

Epson Printers


Epson printer: option 1 (sRGB or color controls)

Epson printer: option 2 (NCA)

Note: Epson printer output varies greatly when the driver is set to "no color adjustment" and is highly dependent on the "media type" selected and the paper used. Some printers, papers, and media selections cause the output to be extremely dark and can even cause large sections of the shadows to appear black, truncating the usable range from the full 0-255 range down to 64-255 or less. The "no color adjustment" mode should therefore be reserved for users who are having trouble with option 1 above and are using high end scanners that have a high dynamic range and can read deep into the shadows. IMPORTANT: If you choose to profile your Epson printer in "no color adjustment" mode, we recommend printing the brighter "printer-target-bright.tif" target instead of the usual "printer-target-40.tif" and making the corresponding selection under "Printer Target" on the Profile Prism main window before creating the profile.

Canon Printers

All other printers