Profile Prism Ordering Instructions

Profile Prism

$79.00 - Click here to place an order for Profile Prism software
(includes one 5x7 glossy IT8 reference target)

Renew Upgrade/FTP Membership (first year is free w/Profile Prism purchase)

Replacement IT8 Reference Targets

If you order Profile Prism from us at the regular $79 price, it does include an IT8 color target, however, we no longer sell IT8 targets separately.  Please see our recommended vendor to purchase IT8 targets (please specify an "R1" IT8 target when ordering).

Purchase additional/replacement IT8 R1 targets here

A note about corresponding with us via email

Note that you must have a working email address to receive email from us if you should have questions about your order. If you use an email service that requires users to sign up or "register" prior to sending you email, you must deactivate that feature, register us as a valid sender (, or give us another email address that works. We will not respond to messages telling us that we need to sign up or get "authorized" before we can send you mail: such messages will be interpretted as the customer not having a working email address and you will not receive email from us until you correct the problem.