Current version: v2020.120   |   released: May 30, 2020

Windows SmartScreen

Depending on your Windows version and settings, SmartScreen may display the following message when you download our software:

About SmartScreen

SmartScreen is a windows software screening program that notifies users about the "reputation" of files downloaded from the internet.  If you get the above message when downloading and installing our software, the version you are downloading may be too new to have developed a reputation yet.  Please note the company name listed next to "Publisher".  As long as the listed publisher is "ddisoftware, Inc." (circled above), it is safe to check the box labeled "I understand the risk and want to run this app".  You may then click the "Run Anyway" option to install.  We sign our software with a digital code signing certificate so the "Publisher: ddisoftware, Inc." is your assurance that the software came from us and has not been modified or tampered with in any way.

About our digital signature

Our software is digitally signed to protect you from malware or file corruption, so when you run our installs, you may also get the notice below depending on your UAC settings in windows.  This message is proof that we are the verified publisher and that the installation package has not been altered by a third party:

What if I don't get any of these messages?

Keep in mind that the above "protections" can be turned off in Windows, so you may not get any message at all.  If UAC is turned off on your system and you want to verify the signature, you can right click on the install EXE (for example, qutrial16-136.exe), select "Properties" and then "Digital Certificates" where you should see the ddisoftware, Inc. certificate.  Avoid running an EXE that lists the publisher as "Unknown".


The software you are about to download is safe, digitally signed, and has been verified by all major online software validation sites:

Softpedia 100% clean award
Soft82 100% clean award
DownloadAtlas 100% clean award
... and more

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