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Software Subscriptions: A Hot Trend, Boiling Over

Looking for relief from software subscriptions (rental software) such as Adobe PhotoShop?  Did you know that in addition to top quality multi-print functionality, Qimage Ultimate offers non-destructive editing for the things you use most in PhotoShop such as levels, curves, red-eye, blemish removal, and tools such as DFS sharpening and horizon correction that leave PhotoShop in the dust?  Tired of Lightroom leaving most of your raw shots in need of work after initial developing?  Don't like having to pay up to half the original price of Lightroom each year just to keep it current with the latest cameras and raw formats while still needing additional software (like Qimage Ultimate) to efficiently print optimal quality photos?

With Qimage Ultimate's array of retouching and printing features, you will find that you only need a photo editor for a rare odd job like cloning out large objects or "creative" things like swapping heads... something your existing (old) photo editor can do just fine (and without hefty software rental fees)!  Let's face it, the primary reason that most people update PhotoShop is to stay current with the latest camera raw formats: something Qimage Ultimate does on a regular basis, for no extra charge.

Qimage Ultimate: Upgrade ANY Time and the Software is YOURS to keep!

Before buying into software rental just to keep up to date with the latest releases, consider that the always up-to-date Qimage Ultimate plus your existing photo editor may be all you need!  With Qimage Ultimate, you get one year of upgrades included with your initial purchase.  We upgrade Qimage Ultimate on average several times a month and each upgrade is yours to keep and use forever!  At the end of the first year, you can purchase an additional year of upgrades for only $19.99.  That's $19.99 for an entire year of upgrades including new features, quality improvements, and the very latest camera raw support; upgrades you can keep and use for as long as you like!  You can even choose to wait after your membership to download upgrades expires and pay the $19.99 when you see features (or camera support) that you need.  There's no penalty for waiting and your software will never stop working because your yearly download membership is not active: reactivate any time for only $19.99 and get a year of upgrades from the time you reactivate!  In the mean time, continue to use the last version you downloaded even when your membership has expired.

It's YOUR software, and YOUR time

Many photographic professionals and hobbyists alike are already choosing Qimage Ultimate for its superior raw photo developing and ultimate photo print quality as it saves time and money by developing and printing your photos with optimal quality and minimal editing right out of the box.  Providing you with software that is yours to use as you see fit and a generous upgrade policy are just more reasons to choose Qimage Ultimate.  For the vast majority of photos, Qimage Ultimate will develop your raw photos and print them with better quality untouched than you will get using your best editing efforts in other software and with far less effort, saving you hours in editing and output formatting.  Sound too good to be true?  Click here to see photographer Ron Martinsen's review of Qimage Ultimate 2013.  Scroll about halfway down the page and watch the video where he fumbles with Lightroom trying to produce a simple print job only to switch to Qimage Ultimate to do the same job in seconds!  The review also showcases our Deep Focus Sharpening which makes unsharp mask a thing of the past.

We are constantly adding cutting edge features to improve your photography from camera to print, and those features are yours to use for as long as you like.  We will never charge you a fee just to continue using your software!

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