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Purchase Qimage Ultimate (both stand-alone and plugin-enabled versions sold below)
We now offer plugins that allow you to print directly from Photoshop, Lightroom, and Elements using Qimage Ultimate!

If you want to be able to print using Qimage Ultimate through Photoshop, Lightroom, and/or Elements, visit our Qimage Ultimate Plugins page for information about the plugins.  Plugins are sold separately but can be bundles with your initial purchase below.

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Includes access to all updates for 1 year.

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Download Email w/download instructions $59.99/$69.99 Free for one year, only $19.99/yr after (fee is not additive: skip as many upgrades/years as you like and it's still only $19.99 to renew). Note: please back up your downloaded versions because when your 1 year registration expires, you will not be able to access the download area until you renew.  The software itself does NOT expire so as long as you keep the latest version you downloaded, you'll always be able to reinstall if needed, even if your registration has expired.  There are no serials or unlocks: just back up the downloaded install file.

Note: if you do not get download instructions within a few minutes of placing your order, check your spam/junk folder.
If you still cannot find your registration e-mail in your spam/junk folder, send us an order inquiry e-mail to verify your e-mail and we'll send a copy manually.

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