Current version: v2018.115   |   released: February 27, 2018
Qimage Ultimate innovations in digital imaging:

Qimage Ultimate opens new doors with cutting edge technology not found in any other software:

  "RIP-like" industry leading photo printing algorithms
  New Vanish tool removes distractions from photos
  New Deep Focus Sharpening: a Qimaqe Ultimate exclusive
  Fusion interpolation: a Qimaqe Ultimate exclusive
  Cutting Edge Color Management (ICC aware) Support
  Ability to optimize and properly format photos for online printing services
  Tone Targeted (Selective) Sharpening
>>> Comprehensive Raw Photo Support
  Single Raw HDR

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When it comes to raw photos, isn't Qimage Ultimate just DCRAW?

Like most other third party raw photo tools, Qimage Ultimate uses DCRAW as it's base raw developing engine, but we've gone beyond the capabilities of DCRAW by adding features and improving performance.  The following are some of the differences between Qimage Ultimate and standard DCRAW raw processing:

  • Custom profiles: We've developed our own ICC profiles for many cameras to improve color accuracy.
  • Lens profiles: We have lens distortion correction profiles for a number of mirrorless cameras.
  • Black levels: Qimage Ultimate intelligently calculates black level for each camera.
  • DFS: Qimage Ultimate uses Deep Focus Sharpening to produce halo-free razor sharp results.
  • Smart color: Smart color is used to produce outstanding color without adversely affecting hues.
  • Multi-threaded: We use up to 4 CPU cores to develop 4 raw photos at once!
  • Sony WB: Qimage Ultimate reads and uses the camera white balance for all Sony cameras.

Qimage Ultimate 2014 - Sony A7/A7R support

Qimage Ultimate offers comprehensive support for A7 and A7R raw photos.  As of the time of this writing (Dec 6, 2013), Qimage Ultimate is the only third party raw developing tool that offers an accurate custom ICC profile and lens corrections for the 28-70 kit lens.  Get the most from your A7 and A7R raw photos by using Qimage Ultimate's built in raw photo support.  With smart exposure and color, you'll get amazing results.  Check out these examples of raw photos straight from a Sony A7 (no modifications or tweaking).

Original raws from A7 processed with Qimage Ultimate, default settings


Sony A7 w/28-70 kit lens: lens distortion correction profile
Lightroom 5.3 & ACR 8.3 Qimage Ultimate 2014.130

Qimage Ultimate 2014 - Smart Color

Smart color, new in Qimage Ultimate 2014, will revolutionize the way you develop raw photos.  Gone are the days when you had to evaluate each photo by eye, looking for dull areas that need help, manually deciding which corrections to apply.  Whether it's giving a little boost to those subtle yellow flowers in your landscape or bringing life to an entire photo that just looked "dead", smart color is just what the doctor ordered.  Smart color uses a sophisticated proprietary algorithm to examine each photo individually to generate outstanding color.  You'll be surprised how smart it really is.  Take a look at these before/after comparisons.

Smart Color
Smart color OFF Smart color ON

Qimage Ultimate 2013 - Compared to...

Qimage Ultimate uses a highly customized version of dcraw by David Coffin, ported by Davie Lee Reed, and backed up by our own custom ICC profiles for many of the hottest cameras.  Qimage Ultimate is designed to make the most of your raw files with no (or minimal) tweaking.  As a result, while you may have to "fight" your other raw tools to get acceptable results, you will likely find that Qimage Ultimate renders optimal exposure and color without the need for retouching in the majority of cases!

As shown in these examples, Qimage Ultimate automatically renders realistic lighting and accurate colors by examining each photo individually for exposure, fill light, and other image dynamics, leaving you with print-ready raw photos without ever touching a raw editing control!  In the majority of cases, Qimage Ultimate will produce results as good or better than careful (and time consuming) editing in other tools.  Even in rare cases when a touch of fill light or highlight recovery is needed, the raw refinement controls in Qimage Ultimate are much simpler to use and even more effective than the commonly used editing tools in other products.

The examples below show the default raw developing (untouched, unedited raw straight from camera) of Lightroom 4 compared to Qimage Ultimate 2013.

Default raw developing compared
Lightroom 4 raw - no editing Qimage Ultimate 2013 raw - no editing


New for 2012 - Salvage Hazy Shots with Auto Black Level

Ever notice how some photos just turn out hazy and lifeless?  Many times the haze (like that shown below/left) is caused by an improper black level.  Loosely translated as the inability of the camera to pick the proper color range based on shooting conditions, the problem is easily corrected with the simple "auto black level" algorithm applied automatically in Qimage Ultimate 2012.  With the ability to turn this feature on/off globally or for each individual photo via the new raw refine exposure/grid selection, you'll never again worry about hazy raw shots caused by shooting in sunlight without a lens hood, through windows, or other "adverse" conditions.

Auto Fill Light Takes Auto Developing to the Next Level

Whether you like to tweak each raw photo or you prefer good auto-developing, you'll appreciate the latest feature found in Qimage Ultimate.  The auto fill light feature is a new raw developing option found in raw format options.  This feature uses a sophisticated algorithm that can actually examine the content of your photo to make decisions about how best to expose the photo.  While prior versions already had "smart exposure", think of the new auto fill as "smart fill light".  It completes the equation of hands-free raw photo developing by balancing the highlights and shadows based on subject matter and even where that subject matter appears in the frame.  Give it a try and you'll see that auto fill light combined with Qimage Ultimate's already excellent exposure control will nearly eliminate the need to retouch your raw photos.

Custom Camera ICC Profiles for Many Camera Models Ensure Ultimate Raw Photo Color Accuracy

Each ICC profile is designed to be used with a particular model camera to optimize color accuracy when processing raw photos in Qimage Ultimate.  While Qimage Ultimate does an exceptional job of processing raw photos without an ICC profile (better than most raw tools in many cases), adding an ICC profile for your specific model camera is the icing on the cake as it actually ensures color accuracy and eliminates hue shifts found in many other raw tools. 

Available for a fee of only $17.95 each, these camera profiles take your Qimage Ultimate raw processing to the next level!  When you purchase, we send you a ZIP file that contains the profile (ICM file) for your camera and a readme.txt file with quick installation instructions.  Installation couldn't be simpler: just unzip the ICM file, save it in your Qimage profiles folder (usually \program files\qimage\profiles) and you're done!  Qimage Ultimate will automatically use the profile for raw photos from that particular camera from that point forward.

Qimage Ultimate - Lens Distortion Correction Info

Software lens distortion correction - background

Recently, some manufacturers have been building cameras (and lenses) that exhibit severe distortion, particularly at wide angle focal lengths.  This is not an indication of declining quality or cutting corners, however.  Actually, it is a new innovation that allows manufacturers to make smaller, less costly lenses.  By eliminating some of the lens elements that (historically) have corrected things like barrel and pincushion distortion on zoom lenses, manufacturers are able to focus on making high quality primary lens elements while at the same time reducing weight and cost to the customer.  Removing pieces of the lens that normally correct distortions, however, means we now have to do distortion correction in software: by taking the raw photo and applying a pixel remapping to reverse the distortion.

There is some debate as to whether or not doing this distortion correction optically or digitally gives better results, and there is no real consensus on which makes more sense.  Technically both do the job and both methods (optical and digital) of distortion correction will reduce lens resolution and sharpness slightly.  When done right, software distortion correction can be as effective or better than optical compensation.  If you'd like to read a little more about the concept of software distortion correction, please see this article.

Distortion correction WRT raw photography

Software distortion correction complicates raw developing because the raw data in your raw photo is actually quite distorted and such distortion must be corrected as part of the raw developing process.  Manufacturers are now embedding information in each raw file regarding how to apply barrel and pincushion distortion corrections to the raw data so that the final/developed images meet the manufacturers specs.  It works quite well: in fact, the processed results typically look as good or better than traditional lenses built to avoid the problem optically.  The issue is that not all programs can access this distortion correction data in raw photos in order to do the correction.  The publicly available solution, dcraw for example, doesn't read the embedded values and it displays the raw image just as it hits the sensor: distortion and all (see below).  That means that some third party programs that use dcraw to develop raw photos will likely render distorted raw photos when processing raw photos from cameras that need the software distortion correction.

The Qimage Ultimate solution

After reviewing the software solutions being used to perform lens distortion corrections on cameras that need it, we've found that the manufacturers are doing a decent job of "hiding" the distortion but they seem never to go quite far enough.  As a result, the wide angle end of most zooms still shows visible distortion even after the distortion correction is applied: this is the case with all other raw developing tools and even JPEG's produced by the camera.  So rather than just match the manufacturer specs with our own software, we've gone a step further.  We believe that if you are going to make a lens that requires software distortion correction, you might as well do it right and correct it completely!  So we've begun our process of beating the manufacturers (and the other raw tools) at raw photo lens distortion correction.  Below is an example (now available in Qimage Ultimate v2011.111):

GH1 raw photo: 14-140 lens at 14mm focal length:


Currently, Qimage Ultimate performs lens distortion correction on the following cameras.

  PowerShot S90
  PowerShot S95
  PowerShot S100
Olympus PEN E-P1*
  PEN E-P2*
  PEN E-P3*
  PEN E-PL1*
  PEN E-PL2*
  PEN E-PL3*
  PEN E-PM1*
  * 14-42 lens only
  A7/A7R (kit lens)

Qimage Ultimate currently supports the following cameras:

Adobe Digital Negative (DNG)
AgfaPhoto DC-833m
Alcatel 5035D
Apple QuickTake 100
Apple QuickTake 150
Apple QuickTake 200
ARRIRAW format
AVT F-080C
AVT F-145C
AVT F-201C
AVT F-510C
AVT F-810C
Baumer TXG14
Blackmagic URSA
Canon PowerShot 600
Canon PowerShot A5
Canon PowerShot A5 Zoom
Canon PowerShot A50
Canon PowerShot A460
Canon PowerShot A470
Canon PowerShot A530
Canon PowerShot A570
Canon PowerShot A590
Canon PowerShot A610
Canon PowerShot A620
Canon PowerShot A630
Canon PowerShot A640
Canon PowerShot A650
Canon PowerShot A710 IS
Canon PowerShot A720 IS
Canon PowerShot A3300 IS
Canon PowerShot Pro70
Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS
Canon PowerShot Pro1
Canon PowerShot G1
Canon PowerShot G1 X
Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II
Canon PowerShot G2
Canon PowerShot G3
Canon PowerShot G3 X
Canon PowerShot G5
Canon PowerShot G5 X
Canon PowerShot G6
Canon PowerShot G7
Canon PowerShot G7 X
Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II
Canon PowerShot G9
Canon PowerShot G9 X
Canon PowerShot G10
Canon PowerShot G11
Canon PowerShot G12
Canon PowerShot G15
Canon PowerShot G16
Canon PowerShot S2 IS
Canon PowerShot S3 IS
Canon PowerShot S5 IS
Canon PowerShot SD300
Canon PowerShot S30
Canon PowerShot S40
Canon PowerShot S45
Canon PowerShot S50
Canon PowerShot S60
Canon PowerShot S70
Canon PowerShot S90
Canon PowerShot S95
Canon PowerShot S100
Canon PowerShot S110
Canon PowerShot S120
Canon PowerShot SX1 IS
Canon PowerShot SX110 IS
Canon PowerShot SX120 IS
Canon PowerShot SX220 HS
Canon PowerShot SX20 IS
Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
Canon PowerShot SX60 HS
Canon IXUS 160
Canon EOS D30
Canon EOS D60
Canon EOS 5D
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Canon EOS 5DS
Canon EOS 5DS R
Canon EOS 6D
Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Canon EOS 10D
Canon EOS 20D
Canon EOS 30D
Canon EOS 40D
Canon EOS 50D
Canon EOS 60D
Canon EOS 70D
Canon EOS 80D
Canon EOS 300D / Digital Rebel / Kiss Digital
Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT / Kiss Digital N
Canon EOS 400D / Digital Rebel XTi / Kiss Digital X
Canon EOS 450D / Digital Rebel XSi / Kiss Digital X2
Canon EOS 500D / Digital Rebel T1i / Kiss Digital X3
Canon EOS 550D / Digital Rebel T2i / Kiss Digital X4
Canon EOS 600D / Digital Rebel T3i / Kiss Digital X5
Canon EOS 650D / Digital Rebel T4i / Kiss Digital X6i
Canon EOS 700D / Digital Rebel T5i / Kiss Digital X7i
Canon EOS 750D / Digital Rebel T6i / Kiss Digital X8i
Canon EOS 760D / Digital Rebel T6s / Kiss Digital X9
Canon EOS 100D / Digital Rebel SL1 / Kiss Digital X7
Canon EOS 1000D / Digital Rebel XS / Kiss Digital F
Canon EOS 1100D / Digital Rebel T3 / Kiss Digital X50
Canon EOS 1200D / Digital Rebel T5 / Kiss Digital X70
Canon EOS 1300D / Digital Rebel T6 / Kiss Digital X80
Canon EOS C500
Canon EOS D2000C
Canon EOS M
Canon EOS M3
Canon EOS-M10
Canon EOS-1D
Canon EOS-1DS
Canon EOS-1D X
Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
Canon EOS-1D Mark II
Canon EOS-1D Mark II N
Canon EOS-1D Mark III
Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
Casio QV-2000UX
Casio QV-3000EX
Casio QV-3500EX
Casio QV-4000
Casio QV-5700
Casio QV-R41
Casio QV-R51
Casio QV-R61
Casio EX-FH100
Casio EX-S20
Casio EX-S100
Casio EX-Z4
Casio EX-Z50
Casio EX-Z500
Casio EX-Z55
Casio EX-Z60
Casio EX-Z75
Casio EX-Z750
Casio EX-Z8
Casio EX-Z850
Casio EX-Z1050
Casio EX-Z1080
Casio EX-ZR100
Casio Exlim Pro 505
Casio Exlim Pro 600
Casio Exlim Pro 700
Contax N Digital
Creative PC-CAM 600
DJI 4384x3288
Epson R-D1
Foculus 531C
Fuji E550
Fuji E900
Fuji F700
Fuji F710
Fuji S1
Fuji S2Pro
Fuji S3Pro
Fuji S5Pro
Fuji S20Pro
Fuji S100FS
Fuji S5000
Fuji S5100/S5500
Fuji S5200/S5600
Fuji S6000fd
Fuji S7000
Fuji S9000/S9500
Fuji S9100/S9600
Fuji S200EXR
Fuji SL1000
Fuji HS10/HS11
Fuji HS20EXR
Fuji HS30EXR
Fuji HS50EXR
Fuji F550EXR
Fuji F600EXR
Fuji F770EXR
Fuji F800EXR
Fuji F900EXR
Fuji X-Pro1
Fuji X-Pro2
Fuji X-A1
Fuji X-A2
Fuji X-E1
Fuji X-E2
Fuji X-E2S
Fuji X-M1
Fuji X-S1
Fuji X-T1
Fuji X-T10
Fuji XF1
Fuji XQ1
Fuji XQ2
Fuji X100
Fuji X100s
Fuji X100T
Fuji X10
Fuji X20
Fuji X30
Fuji X70
Fuji IS-1
Hasselblad CFV
Hasselblad CFV-2
Hasselblad H3D
Hasselblad H4D
Hasselblad V96C
Imacon Ixpress 16-megapixel
Imacon Ixpress 22-megapixel
Imacon Ixpress 39-megapixel
ISG 2020x1520
Kodak DC20
Kodak DC25
Kodak DC40
Kodak DC50
Kodak DC120
Kodak DCS200
Kodak DCS315C
Kodak DCS330C
Kodak DCS420
Kodak DCS460
Kodak DCS460A
Kodak DCS460D
Kodak DCS520C
Kodak DCS560C
Kodak DCS620C
Kodak DCS620X
Kodak DCS660C
Kodak DCS660M
Kodak DCS720X
Kodak DCS760C
Kodak DCS760M
Kodak NC2000F
Kodak ProBack
Kodak PB645C
Kodak PB645H
Kodak PB645M
Kodak DCS Pro 14n
Kodak DCS Pro 14nx
Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c
Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n
Kodak C330
Kodak C603
Kodak P850
Kodak P880
Kodak Z980
Kodak Z981
Kodak Z990
Kodak Z1015
Kodak KAI-0340
Konica KD-400Z
Konica KD-510Z
Leaf AFi 7
Leaf AFi-II 12
Leaf Aptus 17
Leaf Aptus 22
Leaf Aptus 54S
Leaf Aptus 65
Leaf Aptus 75
Leaf Aptus 75S
Leaf Cantare
Leaf CatchLight
Leaf CMost
Leaf DCB2
Leaf Valeo 6
Leaf Valeo 11
Leaf Valeo 17
Leaf Valeo 22
Leaf Volare
Leica C (Typ 112)
Leica Digilux 2
Leica Digilux 3
Leica D-LUX2
Leica D-LUX3
Leica D-LUX4
Leica D-LUX5
Leica D-LUX6
Leica D-LUX (Typ 109)
Leica M (Typ 240)
Leica M (Typ 262)
Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246)
Leica M Monochrom
Leica M8
Leica M9
Leica Q (Typ 116)
Leica R8
Leica S (Typ 007)
Leica SL (Typ 601)
Leica T (Typ 701)
Leica V-LUX1
Leica V-LUX2
Leica V-LUX3
Leica V-LUX4
Leica V-LUX (Typ 114)
Leica X VARIO (Typ 107)
Leica X1
Leica X2
Leica X (Typ 113)
Leica X-E (Typ 102)
Leica X-U (Typ 113)
Lenovo A820
Logitech Fotoman Pixtura
Mamiya ZD
Matrix 4608x3288
Micron 2010
Minolta RD175
Minolta DiMAGE 5
Minolta DiMAGE 7
Minolta DiMAGE 7i
Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi
Minolta DiMAGE A1
Minolta DiMAGE A2
Minolta DiMAGE A200
Minolta DiMAGE G400
Minolta DiMAGE G500
Minolta DiMAGE G530
Minolta DiMAGE G600
Minolta DiMAGE Z2
Minolta Alpha/Dynax/Maxxum 5D
Minolta Alpha/Dynax/Maxxum 7D
Motorola PIXL
Nikon D1
Nikon D1H
Nikon D1X
Nikon D2H
Nikon D2Hs
Nikon D2X
Nikon D2Xs
Nikon D3
Nikon D3s
Nikon D3X
Nikon D4
Nikon D4s
Nikon Df
Nikon D40
Nikon D40X
Nikon D5
Nikon D50
Nikon D60
Nikon D70
Nikon D70s
Nikon D80
Nikon D90
Nikon D100
Nikon D200
Nikon D300
Nikon D300s
Nikon D500
Nikon D600
Nikon D610
Nikon D700
Nikon D750
Nikon D800
Nikon D800E
Nikon D810
Nikon D3000
Nikon D3100
Nikon D3200
Nikon D3300
Nikon D5000
Nikon D5100
Nikon D5200
Nikon D5300
Nikon D5500
Nikon D7000
Nikon D7100
Nikon D7200
Nikon 1 AW1
Nikon 1 J1
Nikon 1 J2
Nikon 1 J3
Nikon 1 J4
Nikon 1 J5
Nikon 1 S1
Nikon 1 V1
Nikon 1 V2
Nikon 1 V3
Nikon E700
Nikon E800
Nikon E880
Nikon E900
Nikon E950
Nikon E990
Nikon E995
Nikon E2100
Nikon E2500
Nikon E3200
Nikon E3700
Nikon E4300
Nikon E4500
Nikon E5000
Nikon E5400
Nikon E5700
Nikon E8400
Nikon E8700
Nikon E8800
Nikon Coolpix A
Nikon Coolpix P330
Nikon Coolpix P340
Nikon Coolpix P6000
Nikon Coolpix P7000
Nikon Coolpix P7100
Nikon Coolpix P7700
Nikon Coolpix P7800
Nikon Coolpix S6
Nokia N9
Nokia N95
Nokia X2
Nokia 1200x1600
Nokia Lumia 1020
Olympus AIR-A01
Olympus C3030Z
Olympus C5050Z
Olympus C5060WZ
Olympus C7070WZ
Olympus C70Z,C7000Z
Olympus C740UZ
Olympus C770UZ
Olympus C8080WZ
Olympus X200,D560Z,C350Z
Olympus E-1
Olympus E-3
Olympus E-5
Olympus E-10
Olympus E-20
Olympus E-30
Olympus E-300
Olympus E-330
Olympus E-400
Olympus E-410
Olympus E-420
Olympus E-500
Olympus E-510
Olympus E-520
Olympus E-620
Olympus E-M1
Olympus E-M5
Olympus E-M5 Mark II
Olympus E-M10
Olympus E-M10MarkII
Olympus E-P1
Olympus E-P2
Olympus E-P3
Olympus E-P5
Olympus E-PL1
Olympus E-PL1s
Olympus E-PL2
Olympus E-PL3
Olympus E-PL5
Olympus E-PL7
Olympus E-PM1
Olympus E-PM2
Olympus PEN-F
Olympus SH-2
Olympus SP310
Olympus SP320
Olympus SP350
Olympus SP500UZ
Olympus SP510UZ
Olympus SP550UZ
Olympus SP560UZ
Olympus SP570UZ
Olympus STYLUS1
Olympus TG-4
Olympus XZ-1
Olympus XZ-2
Olympus XZ-10
OmniVision OV5647 (Raspberry Pi)
Panasonic DMC-CM1
Panasonic DMC-FZ8
Panasonic DMC-FZ18
Panasonic DMC-FZ28
Panasonic DMC-FZ30
Panasonic DMC-FZ35/FZ38
Panasonic DMC-FZ40
Panasonic DMC-FZ50
Panasonic DMC-FZ70
Panasonic DMC-FZ100
Panasonic DMC-FZ150
Panasonic DMC-FZ200
Panasonic DMC-FZ300
Panasonic DMC-FZ330
Panasonic DMC-FZ1000
Panasonic DMC-FX150
Panasonic DMC-G1
Panasonic DMC-G2
Panasonic DMC-G3
Panasonic DMC-G5
Panasonic DMC-G6
Panasonic DMC-G7
Panasonic DMC-GF1
Panasonic DMC-GF2
Panasonic DMC-GF3
Panasonic DMC-GF5
Panasonic DMC-GF6
Panasonic DMC-GF7
Panasonic DMC-GH1
Panasonic DMC-GH2
Panasonic DMC-GH3
Panasonic DMC-GH4
Panasonic DMC-GM1
Panasonic DMC-GM5
Panasonic DMC-GX1
Panasonic DMC-GX7
Panasonic DMC-GX8
Panasonic DMC-GX80
Panasonic DMC-L1
Panasonic DMC-L10
Panasonic DMC-LC1
Panasonic DMC-LF1
Panasonic DMC-LX1
Panasonic DMC-LX2
Panasonic DMC-LX3
Panasonic DMC-LX5
Panasonic DMC-LX7
Panasonic DMC-LX100
Panasonic DMC-TZ61
Panasonic DMC-TZ80
Panasonic DMC-TZ100
Panasonic DMC-ZS40
Pentax *ist D
Pentax *ist DL
Pentax *ist DL2
Pentax *ist DS
Pentax *ist DS2
Pentax GR
Pentax K10D
Pentax K20D
Pentax K100D
Pentax K100D Super
Pentax K200D
Pentax K2000/K-m
Pentax K-x
Pentax K-r
Pentax K-1
Pentax K-3
Pentax K-3 II
Pentax K-5
Pentax K-5 II
Pentax K-5 II s
Pentax K-30
Pentax K-50
Pentax K-500
Pentax K-7
Pentax K-S1
Pentax K-S2
Pentax Optio S
Pentax Optio S4
Pentax Optio 33WR
Pentax Optio 750Z
Pentax Q-S1
Pentax Q7
Pentax 645D
Pentax 645Z
Phase One LightPhase
Phase One H 10
Phase One H 20
Phase One H 25
Phase One P 20
Phase One P 25
Phase One P 30
Phase One P 45
Phase One P 45+
Photron BC2-HD
Pixelink A782
Polaroid x530
Redcode R3D format
Ricoh GR
Ricoh GR II
Ricoh GX200
Ricoh GXR A16
Rollei d530flex
RoverShot 3320af
Samsung EK-GN120
Samsung EX1
Samsung EX2F
Samsung GX-1S
Samsung GX10
Samsung GX20
Samsung NX1
Samsung NX10
Samsung NX11
Samsung NX100
Samsung NX20
Samsung NX200
Samsung NX210
Samsung NX30
Samsung NX300
Samsung NX300M
Samsung NX500
Samsung NX1000
Samsung NX1100
Samsung NX2000
Samsung NX3000
Samsung NX mini
Samsung WB550
Samsung WB2000
Samsung S85
Samsung S850
Sarnoff 4096x5440
Sigma SD9
Sigma SD10
Sigma SD14
Sigma SD15
Sigma SD1
Sigma SD1 Merill
Sigma DP1
Sigma DP1 Merill
Sigma DP1S
Sigma DP1X
Sigma DP2
Sigma DP2 Merill
Sigma DP2S
Sigma DP2X
Sinar 3072x2048
Sinar 4080x4080
Sinar 4080x5440
Sinar STI format
SMaL Ultra-Pocket 3
SMaL Ultra-Pocket 4
SMaL Ultra-Pocket 5
Sony DSC-F828
Sony DSC-R1
Sony DSC-RX1
Sony DSC-RX10
Sony DSC-RX10M2
Sony DSC-RX100
Sony DSC-RX100M2
Sony DSC-RX100M3
Sony DSC-RX100M4
Sony DSC-V3
Sony DSLR-A100
Sony DSLR-A200
Sony DSLR-A230
Sony DSLR-A290
Sony DSLR-A300
Sony DSLR-A330
Sony DSLR-A350
Sony DSLR-A380
Sony DSLR-A450
Sony DSLR-A500
Sony DSLR-A550
Sony DSLR-A580
Sony DSLR-A700
Sony DSLR-A850
Sony DSLR-A900
Sony ILCA-68
Sony ILCA-77M2 (A77M2)
Sony ILCE-7 (A7)
Sony ILCE-7R (A7R)
Sony ILCE-7RM2 (A7RM2)
Sony ILCE-7S (A7S)
Sony ILCE-7SM2 (A7SM2)
Sony ILCE-7M2 (A7 II)
Sony ILCE-3000 (A3000)
Sony ILCE-5000 (A5000)
Sony ILCE-5100 (A5100)
Sony ILCE-6000 (A6000)
Sony ILCE-6300 (A6300)
Sony NEX-3
Sony NEX-3N
Sony NEX-5
Sony NEX-5N
Sony NEX-5R
Sony NEX-5T
Sony NEX-6
Sony NEX-7
Sony NEX-C3
Sony NEX-F3
Sony SLT-A33
Sony SLT-A35
Sony SLT-A37
Sony SLT-A55V
Sony SLT-A57
Sony SLT-A58
Sony SLT-A65V
Sony SLT-A77V
Sony SLT-A99V
Sony XCD-SX910CR

Qimage Ultimate includes custom raw profiles for the following cameras:

1 V3
1 J5
EOS 300D Digital
EOS 350D Digital
EOS 400D Digital
EOS 450D
EOS 500D
EOS 5D Mark II
EOS 600D
EOS 700D
EOS 750D
EOS 760D
EOS 7D Mark II
EOS Kiss X3
EOS-1D Mark II
EOS-1D Mark IV
EOS-1Ds Mark II
FinePix S5Pro
ILCE-7 (A7)
ILCE-7M2 (A7 II)
PowerShot G1 X Mark II
PowerShot G10
PowerShot G3
PowerShot G6
PowerShot G9
PowerShot Pro1
PowerShot S100
PowerShot S70

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